Craig Seavey

..a.k.a.: BoHemyth, Little Bo Blue

..Born on: April 1st, 1953
...Born in: Wash., D.C.
..Lives in: Miami, Florida

.Instrument: If it makes music...
....Hobbies: Computers, Music

.....Likes: Objectivity
.Dislikes: Sacrifice

....Goals: Pursue Happiness

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New Earth Page
Time, Space, Matter
Reality and Physics:
Keeping it real.

Bo Hemyth is molded in the blues tradition, self-trained, creative, and studious. He is the foundation of Power Ohm, a prolific song-writer. Bo plays guitars, bass, and drums in the band. He is known for his use of alternative instruments like slide guitar, and flute. Indeed, his unique take on alternate guitar tunings is a mainstay of Power Ohm. He just keeps getting better ...

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