A New Earth Production: The Power Ohm Classics (Volume 1) -- The Finest of the Fine

It's about time!!!! The first Power Ohm greatest hits CD contains the best selections from the first three Power Ohm CDs. In addition, we captured the feeling of our "live" sets, too, by employing and choosing songs with lots of live "feeling and energy."
Check out the first two tracks "Heartbreaker/She Rides" to hear and feel what we mean! 12 great Power Ohm songs are included on this record, including the very first song we ever recorded, "The Mourning." This is a must have CD!!!!

The Finest of the Fine
The Power Ohm Classics (Volume 1)
Heartbreaker She Rides
Back to Power Ohm
The Mourning You Haunt Me
Lover Man The Poet's Song
The New Rising Sun Below Zero
Dead Bodies Eraser
Learning to Fly Mathematical Perfection
More Power Ohm:

Power Ohm takes you to the limit, and keeps you there. We give you the finest of the fine.