A New Earth Production: The Power Ohm Classics (Volume 2) -- Blue

The 2nd of two Power Ohm Greatest Hits records is now available. We have selected the best of our blues-related material for this CD release. In addition to some songs found on the first three CDs, there are several songs included from our new album Power Ohm 4 (The 4th Power).

Special Bonus!!!! -- Two new releases ==> Me (to be Revisited), and Presentension!!!!

The Power Ohm Classics (Volume 2)
The Legend of Johnny Good Makin' Love
Back to Power Ohm
Magnified Me (to be Revisited)
Running in Circles Presentension
The Future Song No Big Deal
What Was, Could Never Be The Mystery of Love
(I Will) Be There Tonight Alien
More Power Ohm:

Power Ohm takes you to the limit, and keeps you there. We are the Blues. You know it's true.