Time, Space, Matter

The New Earth Society -- A Declaration of Purpose...

The New Earth Society: Reason... Purpose... Pride... We don't just play music. We live it, breathe it. It's all we do.
We started so long ago, yet it feels like only yesterday. We'll be playing music until death do us part. That's the truth.
What else is there? The music is for us, but it's for you, as well. We think music is the glue that binds us all together.

The New Earth Society is the home of some truly great musicians. We are all about quality. It has always been our way.
Bo Blue, for instance, is a phenom, for sure, the founder of Power Ohm, a much dedicated musician, all that we represent.
Two members of Power Ohm (the brothers, Mike and Eddie Chavez) broke off to form The Last Tribe. It was all so good.
The music of The Last Tribe carries an intensity never to be matched. Their work is eternal, like that of Power Ohm.
We have the soulfulness of Rachel Chain. Rachel can't be put in a box. She sings from the heart, writes to the soul.
There is only one Bo Blue, only one Power Ohm, only one Last Tribe, and only one Rachel Chain.

We are so proud to represent such high standards, that we have accomplished so much.
Keep in touch. We are never done. There is so much more to come.

Reason. Purpose. Pride. We are the New Earth.

   Email: ccv@newearthinvest.com