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Hello and welcome to the New Earth!

    My name is Craig, a.k.a. BoHemyth, a.k.a. Little Bo Blue. I'm the Web Master for this site. I have many faces. This one you see here is my business face, the one you'd see if you happened to run into me at court or something. Like I said, I have lots of faces. I wear many hats. I have a particular aptitude for physics and math. I think Isaac Newton was a rock-hard genius. (I'm Newtonian.) Therefore, and naturally so, Einstein was a stumbling, bumbling fool who messed up science for time immeasureable. (Pun intended.) See that little spinning atom over there? That's the link to my science paper. It's great reading if you're curious.
Did I mention I'm also Euclidian? ...
Our Declaration

Time, Space, Matter
... Which brings me to the Greeks. What's up with that guy juggling the Earth? That's just Atlas shrugging. Atlas and his Titans got in a fight with Zues and his gang of angry gods. Atlas and his buddies lost the battle, and the war. You know what they say, to the winner go the spoils. Zues got some prime real estate on Mount Olympus and poor Atlas has to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders for all eternity. Now, I say, if you're going to have to work all the time, you might as well enjoy it. How about that?

(Meanwhile, Zues went into foreclosure.)

Dungeon Chess
...And you like games do you? How about Dungeon Chess? Now we're talkin'! Chess has been the same old mind-fuck for thousands of years ... and then came Dungeon Chess. It's a true revolution in video games. There's nothing else like it on planet Earth! Wanna play in 3 dimensions? Yep. You got it. Want quick action that's full of surprises? Yep. You got it. Try this: take chess, and put it in a box with a lid. Throw in Dungeons and Dragons, shake it up a bit, and Voila! The result is Dungeon Chess. There's a single-player mode, where I kick your ass over and over again. (I am a Grandmaster of Dungeons, you know.) And, you can play over a network against human competition. That includes over the Internet, BTW. Good luck to you. You'll need it.
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Little Bo Blue

Power Ohm: Doctor, doctor, gimme some news ... Hi, I'm Little Bo Blue. I'm the founder of Power Ohm. We were once a power trio. Well, for a short while there were four of us. The original members were Christina Lenser, Eddie Chavez, Mike Chavez and myself. Alas, I am the one to keep the torch burning. Christina is a lovely girl. She plays piano like an angel. The boys were too rough for her, I suppose. Whatever the reason we soon became a 'guitar oriented' power trio. It worked great for many years. We had quite a run, making four albums together, playing the local Miami music scene, growing with each new song and each new album. The pressure took its toll on us, of course. Eventually Eddie and Mike fell into the spell of hip-hop and broke off to form The Last Tribe. Maybe the pressure of success was too much to handle. I'll never know, really. When a band loses its chemistry it's no longer fun. I guess it became just a job for them.
They say all things must come to an end. The original members have ridden into the night, yet I am the new rising sun. The sun mever really sets. Somewhere over the horizon a new day dawns. Power Ohm will fulfill its rightful destiny. Until then, I carry the torch held high. I have my solo career to carry me through these difficult times. If you are a quality musician, and a team player, and you like the vibe you see here, pay attention to that Help Wanted sign. You may be just what the doctor ordered.

Help Wanted
Power Ohm has it: that unique mixture of song, creative innovation, an artist's palette of pure improvisation, classic structure, poetic license, and root blues. When all is said and done, it's just great music!
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