Hi, I'm Bo Blue. Welcome to my humble domain. This is where I get to share my very special insights.
Here is an excerpt from a recent interview, with Brian Tait, of the New Earth Journal, a periodical, covering current events from an Objectivist viewpoint.

Brian: Today we are interviewing Little Bo Blue, about "art". Bo is a member of the rock group, Power Ohm.
Rock music is not usually associated with Objectivism. What makes you think you can get away with it?

Bo (laughing): Get away with it? One's philosophy shines through the art, like a light shining in a tent silhouettes the forms inside to those observing from the outside. You just need to pay attention to details.

Brian: That's deep. Do you always talk like that?

Bo: Well, yes, I speak my mind, if that's what you mean.

Brian: What other wisdoms do you wish to share?

Bo: I don't know. You tell me. I think a person should be aware of his own thoughts and ideas,
if he ever expects to make sense of it.

Here's some cool concert photos from
the Miami Rock Festival in Miami, Florida.
Brian: Since when did ideas have to make sense?

Bo: Since I became an Objectivist. No, scratch that. Even before I became an Objectivist, ideas still had to make sense.

Brian: Do you think rock and roll makes sense?

Bo: To Power Ohm it does, yes. I don't speak for others. Perhaps you should be talking to Motley Crue! (big grin)

Brian: You've got something against Motley Crue?

Bo: Not really. They stand for something I guess. I just don't know what that is. I'll ask Vince next time I see him! (even bigger grin)
No, really, to be clear, I think they're just having fun.

Brian: You don't have fun?

Bo: It's more to me than just having fun. I'm making a statement, about the world, about myself.
My music reflects my values. I choose to write about things that affect me.
That's how I communicate. If that's not universal, it should be.

Brian: What do you mean universal? You are so much different than the other members of the band.

Bo: Yes, I'm different, in ways, and still, I'm the same as they are. I've just been around longer.
That means I've had more time to figure out who I am and what I stand for.
Each of us has a part to play in our own successes, and failures for that matter.
It's what we choose to do with it that sets us apart from the rest of the herd.
Brian: I can see you don't lack in confidence.

Craig: No. Why should I?

Brian: Well for one thing, you're not famous yet.

Bo: Can I be a legend in my own mind? What happened to the American Dream? Well, you see, fame is a consequence of something.
That something is Power Ohm. We dream the dream even as we speak.

Brian: I have to admit the music stands its own ground.

Bo: Yes, it does. That's sort of what I mean by universal. It stands the test of time.

Brian: So, then, how does rock and roll further the cause of Objectivism?

Bo: You see, music itself, the music of Power Ohm carries a tradition which has its roots in the purer forms like the classics of Beethoven and Mozart.
That tradition pulls from blues, jazz, and rock and roll. We're different because we don't just write willy-nilly.
Our songs carry human themes, and human values in them, which reflect the Objectivist world-view.

Brian: Can you cite an example?

Bo: Yes. Listen to the two records, Rainbows -n- Clouds, and, A New Rising Sun. There's no better time than now....

And as the hit song Sleeping People begins to blare from the speakers ....
Some cool shots of me in action
at the Rainbows -n- Clouds sessions!