A New Earth Production: Power Ohm -- A New Rising Sun ...

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The 2nd release from Power Ohm reaches beyond expectations. Many songs found here were part of the original -Rainbows and Clouds- sessions. We had too much material for just one record. Our 1st release could've easily been a -- Double Length -- CD. Rainbows and Clouds, and A New Rising Sun are of the same mold. From the electric title track, to "Dead Bodies," to the epic "Titan," to the roots blues of "What Was Could Never Be," to the hip-hopping "Hiding in the Shadow," A New Rising Sun has something for everyone. Check it out. You'll be ecstatic the 2nd time around!

A New Rising Sun
The New Rising Sun No Big Deal
Back to Power Ohm
Flake You Haunt Me
Mother Dead Bodies
Heartbreaker What Was, Could Never Be
Titan Learning To Fly
August, 1984 Hiding In The Shadow
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Power Ohm takes you to the limit, and keeps you there. We are the new rising Sun.