A New Earth Production: Power Ohm -- Power Ohm 4 (The 4th Power)

Power Ohm is downright awesome! It just keeps getting better! Don't miss out! Get your copy now!!!!
From the catchy "Legend of Johnny Good," to the raw blues of "Running in Circles," the magnificent instrumentals "A New Era," and "Protosong," Power Ohm 4 makes a bold statement of creativity, originality, and artistic license.
That's what it's all about. So damn true!

Power Ohm 4 (The 4th Power)
A New Era Legend of Johnny Good
Back to Power Ohm
Vicious Circle The Unknown
Running in Circles Stupid Girl
Lucky One (in a Million) Love
These Eyes Protosong
Love is ... ...
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Power Ohm takes you to the limit, and keeps you there. It's a new era, right here, right now.