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New Earth Productions -- (305) 742 - 9758

We do music production and recording with Pro-Tools (tm)!
And, it's not just recording! With our many years of experience and our strong musical abilities we can match your expectations, and beyond! Listen to Power Ohm. We manage every step, whether it's music composing and pre-production, production recording, mastering, mixing, post production burning of masters and mixdowns, or our unique and creative arts design and marketing. It's all waiting for you at New Earth Productions.
Competitive Rates!

Recording Time = $60 hr.
...Mixing Time = $30 hr.

Equipment Rentals = Ask Us.
Got it goin' on?
There's no time like now.

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Mac OS X ... Pro-Tools LE 7

Power Mac G4 and DigiDesign!
Digital and Analog Interfaces
Generate CDs!
Pro-Tools Master/Audio CDs
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