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Dungeon Chess Version 2 for Windows

Includes the Microsoft .Net Framework!!!
Internet Ready via the Dungeon Chess TCP/IP Bridge!!!

Now available on CD!!!

(Requires Windows 2000 or 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc.)
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Price: $15.00
Chess has been played for centuries, a storied history of traditions, legends, and folklore, a classic game of conquest and contest, the food that feeds our fantasies. Brother teaches brother. Father teaches son. Mother teaches daughter, on and on. And, so the tradition grows, timeless as the span of each new generation, priceless as food for the soul.

Until we shook things up ... Scouts??? Spies??? Mercenaries??? What the ???

We bring you Dungeon Chess! Our unique variation of the classic board game is truly one of a kind. Begin by taking your knocks from a mindless robot. Try the classic dungeon first. Then, when (and if) you dare, try your hand in two or three. Yes! Dungeon Chess plays in three dimensions! (We call that a variation, for sure.) Then, when you're truly humbled that a mindless robot can kick your tail, find a human on whom to take out your frustrations. Good luck on that. Until then, bow before the Master of Dungeons.

Who knows? Someday, someone might even beat that mindless robot! Will it be you?
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What a game!!!! It's way cool, man!!!! It gets 5 stars from me! -- BoHemyth, GrandMaster of Dungeons...