Psycho Patient (Two Capital P's)

I'm out there tryin' to make music that's real.
I ain't no gangsta. This ain't crime time. I don't live in da hood.
I mean, if I need to fuck somebody up, I'll pull the switch myself.

There's just too many fake ass bitch niggas out there makin' it just 'cause they knew somebody who knew somebody. Fuck that. Our shit deals with real themes that deal with real people.
That's why I'm down for the underground. All this commercialized, flavor of the month bullshit that MTV feeds all the brain dead, "I'd like to be a playa' but I can't even jerk off," mutha fuckas can go straight to Hell. I mean, yeah, they spit raps but their shit has no substance. I don't wanna say any names, but I believe those mutha fuckas know who they are. I just wanna let 'em know the party's over. They're about to get hit with the fuckin' shit-bomb!

The Last Tribe

The Music