M. C.'s Moments

M.C. Undead

....Born with: A hatchet and a juggalo face.
....Lives in: The 7th circle of Dante's Inferno.

..Instrument: What the fuck? I rap.
.....Hobbies: Recording bongo solos on your girl's ass
..Influences: I.C.P., Twiztid, Wu-Tang, alcohol

.....Likes: Shit your momma don't like.
.Dislikes: Juggahos, and Cops. (The TV show)

....Goals: To freak my own eulogy.
I'm M.C. Undead, and I'm the guy your momma warned you not to play with!
You should take her advice. After all, whatever your momma likes, sucks!

We represent! Get my bombin' CDs:   Ensykopedia! ...   Night of The Juggalo!

M.C. Undead is seldom seen in public. Look for him on your local news, or on last weeks' episode of Cops.